Richmond Area Bicycling Association How to get a RABA Membership “Card”...
1. Log In to the Member Area (see button above) 2. Scroll to the “My Membership Information” area and click the Membership Status/Billing Info link (click for example) 3. Click the Receipt link  (click for example) 4. Save or Print the PDF file that is displayed. It includes the date of dues payment.
Some bike shops and other businesses offer discounts to RABA members. When we had a printed Pedaler and calendar year memberships, the mailing label had the membership expiration date printed on it. Now we have rolling 12 month memberships beginning on the date you joined and the Pedaler is electronic. So... how do you show you’re an active member? Just print a copy of your receipt by following the steps below. It’s not as fancy as an honest-to-goodness card, but it saves mailing and printing costs as well as all of the (volunteer!) administrative effort in keeping track of it.
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