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RABA News and Events

April 4 (Saturday), 8:15 am New Rider Ride

Location: Laurel Park Shopping Center at the intersection of Woodman and Hungary Roads

This is the first of 5 rides for new riders, to be held on the first Saturday in April, May, June, July, and August. This ride is aimed at attracting new cyclists to RABA and getting more riders into the sport.

The ride will depart from Laurel Park and follow the normal ABC route with a stopover at Ashland Coffee and Tea. For stronger riders, there will be a 12-mile extension.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, please contact Chuck Jajesnica, 804-543-8967, cervelo55@verizon.net or Charlie Thomas, 804-747-3428, charlievthomas@gmail.com.

More information here.

April 8 (Wednesday), 5:15 pm & April 11, (Saturday), 8 am Traffic Skills 101

Location: April 8- North Park Library (8508 Franconia Rd, Richmond, VA 23227); April 11- Laurel Park Shopping Center (corner of Woodman and Hungary)

League of American Bicyclists certified instructors will be offering this comprehensive course to increase cyclist knowledge, skills, and confidence. Course involves classroom discussion, practicing bike handling and avoidance maneuvers in the parking lot, and riding on the road in a variety of situations. Participants learn how to conduct bicycle safety checks, fix a flat, on-bike skills and crash avoidance techniques.

Sign-up at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/traffic-skills-101-tickets-16216608312 . If you have questions about the course or are wondering if it is right for you, contact Eric Martin at martin4bike@gmail.com.

More information here.

Daily Rides for March 29, 2015

Sunday Spring Run/Beach Ride
Pace Time Miles Terrain Stops Leader
B+ 8 am 47 3 One Kris Van Allen, krislva@hotmail.com

Description and Directions: Meet at the VDOT parking lot at the intersection of Beach and Spring Run Roads in Chesterfield. The ride will go through the Spring Run, Beach and Woodpecker Road areas of Chesterfield County.

Sunday Sunday Portabella Ride
Pace Time Miles Terrain Stops Leader
Various 1 pm 19-52+ 4 Various See list below


  • Mar. 01     Dave McMillan
  • Mar. 08     Jan Waldron
  • Mar. 15     Ken Robertson
  • Mar. 22     Lauren Waldron
  • Mar. 29     Randy Rosemond

Description: This weekly ride starts at the rear of Portabella Ristorante located in the Varina Food Lion Shopping Center. It is a show and go ride like the Saturday ABC ride. There will be no pace group ride leaders; riders will form their own groups. Ride leaders for each Sunday, listed above, will provide a sign-up sheet and help new riders match up with riders of a similar pace. Riders will choose their own route. Cue sheets and maps for over a dozen rides ranging from 19 to 52 miles are available by clicking here. Print and bring your own cue sheet as none will be available at the ride.

Parking: Please park behind Portabella Ristorante in the rear of the shopping center. If this area is filled, park on the west (Richmond) side of the shopping center. Do not park in front of Portabella Ristorante or other areas in front of the shopping center.

Directions:Portabella Ristorante is located at 2627 New Market Road (Route 5 and Strath Road), Henrico, VA 23231. Park in the lot behind the building (See note above).

Sunday Powhatan Courthouse
Pace Time Miles Terrain Stops Leader
B+ 1 pm 30 to 45 3 to 4 see below Barry and Martha Pullen, 561-3950
B 1 pm 30 to 45 3 to 4 see below Barry and Martha Pullen, 561-3950

Description: Meet at the Powhatan County Courthouse on Route 13. There are many nice rides from the Court House, mostly with good scenery and low traffic. The ride leaders will select a route that will be at least 30 miles with a longer option usually available. There may be no store stops. Maps and cue sheets will be available for those wishing to ride at their own pace. If the weather is doubtful, call the leaders to confirm if they will be riding.

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