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We don’t know exactly how you found RABA, but now that you’re here, we’d like you to join us and stay! Even if you’re not new to bike riding, cycling with a group is a little different from doing it on your own. We have a New Riders Ride on the first Saturday of every month from April through August. It starts at Laurel Park Shopping Center at the corner of Woodman and Hungary Roads. You can find out more information about it in the listing in the Monthly Ride Schedule or the Ride/Event Calendar. And after you’ve done that ride, what’s next? Do you have to wait till the following month before you have a chance to do something like that again? No. Of course not. As you’ve probably noticed on the Monthly and Weekly  Ride Schedule pages, there is at least one ride on each day of the week. The listings for many of them include a number of pace groups and leaders. If you’re new, you should probably look for the C (yellow) and D (green) paces. They differ in their average speed. Click the “Ride Paces” button on those pages for more information. However, the most important thing about C & D rides and paces is that the group sticks together! You don’t have to worry about getting “dropped”, or left behind, in an unfamiliar area. The leader, especially, will look out to make sure you’re with the group!
In addition to these scheduled rides and paces, impromptu stick-together/no-drop rides are sometimes added during the month. One of the benefits of joining RABA is that you’ll get the email messages that let you know about all those last-minute changes. Until you do, get in touch with the members below and they’ll get you up-to-date with what is happening now. Safety: One of the things we emphasize is safe riding, whether by yourself or in a group. Fancy equipment and working to be in great physical shape are all fine and good, but learning how to share the road in close proximity with cars and other riders is of vital importance! Here are some things you should do. Eric Martin, a cycling instructor and chair of RABA’s Safety Committee, has been sharing some of his tips here. Be sure to take a close look at them. Also pay special attention on any of our rides when the ride leader makes a special point about ride safety. Most of the techniques are just common sense but practising them until they become second-nature takes a bit of time and effort. But do it. It’s worth it. Contact Info: You can get information about particular rides and other things about us that might be of interest to you from the following members: Charlie Thomas 804-747-3428 Chuck Jajesnica 804-543-8967
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