The RABA Ride Sign-Up Sheet and Reasons to Sign-Up

Occasionally one runs into a rider that refuses, or is reluctant, to sign the ride registration form for that ride. Naturally, the roads are public property, and riders need not sign in order to use them. Most club members, however, are unaware that part of their membership dues are used to purchase an insurance policy set up by the League of American Bicyclists which contains two coverages we hope none of our members ever have to submit a claim for, but may be of some value in the rare event they do have an accident while participating in a club ride.

These coverages are:

  • An accidental death and dismemberment benefit of $5,000.
  • An accidental medical benefit of $10,000 payable in excess of a $500 deductible, and in excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.

These coverages are dependent upon the member being signed up for that ride. In short, if you are not signed up for that ride, you are not officially participating in it, and you are not covered by that insurance policy.There are several other reasons RABA would like to have you sign the ride registration form, but the eligibility for the insurance coverage is probably the most important one for the individual rider. The benefit is yours. Why not make yourself eligible to use it, if you need to?

Ride Leaders: Download a PDF file of the RABA sign-up sheet
Ride Leader Guidelines: Read here what a club ride leader should do. Download a PDF of the guidelines here.
Ride Safety Guidelines: A sample safety script is available for ride leaders to assist them in making the ride safe. All riders are also encouraged to read these guidelines and to be familiar with them. Click here to read it and here to download a PDF of it