Club Mileage

RABA club members’ mileage statistics will be tracked via the Bikejournal web site. Ron Corio is administering this for the club. His tips on how to get set up and started are shown below. If you have any questions, you can contact him by e-mail here.

  1. Sign-in Sheets. Sign-in sheets are required for insurance purposes. Ride leaders will provide a sign-in sheet and encourage all riders, members and non-members to sign the sheet.
  2. Tracking RABA Miles. RABA miles stats are now tracked on the Bikejournal Web site at To register go to the Web site and click “Sign Up”.
  3. Creating Profile. Follow the steps to create your Bikejournal profile
    • Username. Bikejournal suggests that you do not use your real name for your username. If your username is not your real name, members will not be able to identify you in the club stats. It is your call, but consider using your real name for your username, e.g. JaneDoe or Jane_Doe (usernames cannot include blank spaces). To change your username, go to Riders/edit my profile.
    • Private Data. If you check this box, RABA members will not be able to see your club miles. Unchecking this box will make the club stats report more interesting.
  4. Member Options. After you are registered at Bikejournal, click Riders/edit my profile and scroll down to Member Options
    • Private Data. If you want members to see your miles, make sure that this box is unchecked.
    • Show email to club – Check here to allow fellow club members to view your email address. This only applies if you are affiliated with a bike club.
    • Show real name to club – Check here to allow fellow club members to view your real name. This only applies if you are affiliated with a bike club.
  5. Adding a Ride. Go to Journal/add ride. The current date is the default. This can be changed to any date in the past. Enter distance for the ride. If you are entering more than one ride, e.g. miles to date for the year, check the “bulk entry” box. Enter average speed and average heart rate, both of which are optional, ride type, e.g. Road flat, Road rolling hills, etc. See next step for Club Affiliation.
  6. Club Affiliation. This is the final box in the add ride screen. It is critical because it separates club and non-club miles. For club miles select Richmond Area Bicycling Association (this is the default if you selected RABA in the “manage clubs” section of your profile. It is possible to join more than one Bikejournal club). For non-club miles select “none.”
  7. Viewing Total Distance Stats. Login to and click Clubs/club home. Click “view all club riders and tables.