RABA Grants

At their April, 2013 meeting, the RABA Board of Directors first adopted a Policy and Procedure for a RABA Grants program. It is designed to award grants of up to $1500 in support of bicycle-related programs, events, and projects sponsored or offered by governments, organizations, or individuals. The Board has allocated $7500 to the grants program for 2017.

Each February, the Board will allocate a portion of the club’s funds to be awarded to projects and programs that promote bicycling in the Greater Richmond Area. A Grants Committee, appointed by the Board, will solicit and vet bicycle-related projects and make recommendations to the Board, which will have the final approval. Applications will be accepted and grants approved until the allocated funds have been exhausted.

The policy was drafted by the RABA Grants Committee, appointed by the Board earlier in the year, and approved with amendments by the Board. Committee members are: Jesse Archer, Ron Corio, Gregg Hillmar, Grace Silverstein, and Mary Lynn White.

The Grants Policy and Procedure consists of three parts: Introduction, Grant Guidelines, and Application. In assessing grant applications, consideration will be given to a variety of factors, including the potential impact of the program, project, or event and the number of people who will benefit; local volunteer and support for the project; the degree to which the request works with or complements other community organizations; the possibility of using the grant as seed money for matching funds from other sources.

Members are encouraged to get the word out that there is grant money available for bicycle-related projects and be on the lookout for potential applicants. Interested parties should contact any member of the RABA Grants Committee.

Read/Download the Grant Policy and Procedure (PDF file)

Grant Application (Word DOCX file)

Grant Recipients Date Amount
Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center (Bike Racks) 2013 Jun $1,000
VCU Dept. of Physical Therapy and Urban Regional Planning (Bike Skills Park) 2013 Jul $840
Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School (Used Bicycles and Parts) 2013 Sep $1,000
Partnership for Smarter Growth (Bike Education Event) 2013 Sep $400
2013 Total Grants $3,240
Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School (Used Bicycles) 2014 Jan $1,000
Virginia Supportive Housing (Used Bicycles for Homeless) 2014 Feb $1,000
Ride Richmond (Bike Education and Lights at VCU) 2014 Sep $1,000
Ride Richmond (Women’s Bike Summit) 2014 Oct $1,000
Crestwood Elementary School (Parts for Used Bicycles) 2014 Oct $500
Richmond Cycling Corps (Armstrong HS Bike Park) 2014 Dec $2,000
2014 Total Grants $6,500
RideRichmond (Bicycle Spoke Cards) 2015 Sep $1000
REACHCycles (Therapeutic Trikes for Disabled) 2015 Dec $1000
Rag and Bones Bicycle Coop (Work Stands and Tools) 2015 Dec $1000
2015 Total Grants $3000
I Am RVA (Helmets and Bike Safety) 2016 Apr $1000
Bikes for Oak Grove Elementary Sch. (Used Bicycles) 2016 Apr $1000
REACHCycles (Therapeutic Trikes for Disabled) 2016 May $1000
Sportable (Supported Bike Rides for Disabled) 2016 Aug $1000
Virginia Bicycling Federation 2016 Nov $1000
2016 Total Grants $5000
Groundwork RVA-Charlie Thomas Bike Shop 2017 Apr $1500
2017 Total Grants $1500
Total Grants Awarded to Date: $19,240