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Daily Rides for March 29, 2017

Wednesday Retiree's Midweek Ride and Lunch
Pace Time Miles Terrain Stops Leader
B 10 am 25 to 40 Varies Varies Barry Pullen, 561-3950
Brian McCahill, 389-6067
C 10 am 25 to 40 Varies Varies Bud Vye, 262-9544

Description: This ride meets at a different location each week for a ride of 25 to 40 miles, followed by lunch. All riders are invited. Each week"s location will be announced to the RABA E-mail lists. If you are not on the list, please call Bud Vye, 262-9544 or Barry Pullen, 561-3950.

Wednesday (Note Last Date of Ride is Mar. 8) Stratford Hills Ride
Pace Time Miles Terrain Stops Leader
Various 2 pm 18-32 2 None Dave McMillan, mcmillanmail@comcast.net

Description: This ride begins at the Stratford Hills Shopping Center, located at the corner of Forest Hill Avenue and Hathaway. The route follows Bicycle Route 1 west along Riverside Drive, Cherokee, and Old Gun to Robius Road, a distance of nine miles. Make a U-turn and retrace the route for an 18 mile ride or follow the cues for an 14 mile loop through Salisbury and back to Old Gun for the return and a 32 mile ride. Download the cue sheet here at http://www.raba.org/map/Stratford-Hills-to-Salisbury-32.pdf.